California scientists find excessively heavy metal in vape

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Vape products and e-smoking are gaining more and more attention from both potential consumers and various organizations involved in healthcare and environmental safety. And today, a new study by a team of specialists from the University of California established the presence of a sufficiently large number of sufficiently hazardous chemicals in a number of vape products that are very popular among users – and despite the fact that the study was conducted in the United States, it generally applies to absolutely any country where the sale of vape is carried out.

It turned out that a number of the most popular and frequently used vape products from popular manufacturers have a sufficiently large number of substances such as copper and tin – along with some other elements that fall under the category of heavy metals in the periodic table. All these substances have a rather serious negative effect on the body of a potential consumer, thereby sometimes causing irreversible changes associated with the work of the respiratory tract.

Of course, this possibility was seen earlier, but previous studies have not paid too much attention to the question of the exact proportions of such elements that can pose the greatest danger. Nevertheless, they already said that most likely the fact of their joint presence in vape products is the main among the risks by which some people begin to experience quite serious health complications, in particular with the health of their respiratory tract.

Vape as a whole can be thought of as a heterogeneous version of electronic smoking, where there are many formats and devices – however, a new study by the American team from the University of California pays particular attention to volumetric vape products that work on battery and liquid additives, whether with nicotine content, or without. So, probably, taking into account the new information received, the government will take appropriate measures.

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