Caffeine may be more dangerous for pregnant women than thought

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A team of medical researchers from the University of Reykjavik in Iceland today published the results of their rather lengthy study regarding the potential relationship between the intake of different doses of caffeine and the negative effects on pregnant women. It is worth noting that this kind of question has been occupying scientists for quite a long time, and despite the fact that for the most part it is not forbidden to use caffeine for pregnant women, some previous studies have somehow indicated that even small doses of caffeine can provoke some rather unpleasant consequences for the child and mother.

It was on the basis of older studies that the team of Icelandic specialists carried out their study, which began back in 1999 – during all this time they observed and analyzed how caffeine in different quantities can affect various negative characteristics of pregnancy, ranging from a low birth weight to stillbirth. It turned out that according to their results, even small doses of caffeine – up to 150 milligrams per day – can provoke a wide range of pregnancy disorders even in the healthiest mother.

In addition, some of the data was taken from studies that focused on identifying the dangerous limit of caffeine levels per day for pregnant women, noting that this parameter can be up to 200 mg, which is also not very much, given how much coffee is drunk. the Scandinavian countries and many Western countries with them. However, the study itself is still far from a definitive conclusion regarding the harm of caffeine.

It's worth noting that avoiding caffeine may not be as easy as many people think, simply because a fair amount of caffeine can be found not only in coffee, but also in other seemingly most obscure foods. This is why the research team emphasizes the need to closely monitor the health of pregnant women during the last months of pregnancy, and in particular in the context of daily caffeine consumption.

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