Caffeine can significantly minimize the effects of a poor diet.

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Systematic consumption of caffeine in medium and small proportions can actually protect against some of the harmful side effects of not too healthy and good diets – a team of nutritionists from the University of Illinois was convinced of this today by conducting several tests on mice. They tried to establish the extent to which natural caffeine, contained not only in coffee, but also in a number of other food products, can become a mitigating factor in the harmful effects of a diet saturated with fats and sugar – it turned out that this softening effect has a really high level of effect on such a diet.

Experts divided the experimental mice into three groups, the first of which gave no caffeine at all, the second gave caffeine-free coffee, and the third gave natural caffeine from a tea grade called mate – and all this was done as the three groups of experimental mice were on a diet high in fat and sugar. After several weeks of the experiment, scientists found that the third group of natural caffeine, consumed in an amount of about four cups of coffee per day, can reduce the harmful effects of such a diet to 22% compared with the other two groups.

The second group, although it consumed the same mate tea with polyphenols and acids, but without caffeine, could not boast of equally excellent results, while the first caffeine group did not show any “concessions” at all regarding the effect of such a harmful diet . Thus, the illustrated experiment is a good approximately multidimensional caffeine as such.

However, scientists also say that most likely they did not take into account some third-party variables that could affect its purity in the course of this experiment – and for this reason, a team of nutritionists from the University of Illinois wants to conduct an additional series of experiments aimed at identification of such potentially hidden mechanisms. There is no doubt that the beneficial effects of caffeine on such a diet will be proven again.

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