Burger King introduced a new type of burger with reduced methane emissions

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Burger King, deservedly considered the most popular and recognizable in the world of fast food, today presented a truly unusual food project called Reduced Methane Whopper – and, as its name suggests, it actually has a pretty good approach to preserving the environment. Previously, the company actively tested the capabilities of a cutlet based on plant fibers, first presented in the framework of the Impossible Food concern, but at the moment we are talking about a conceptually different approach to protecting the ecology of the earth and the health of the end consumer.

After all, Burger King has finally adapted and integrated into its menu a new recipe for meatballs – made from real cow meat – that were sourced from cows fed a special diet that reduces methane emissions from their waste and the process of life. It is the large-scale release of methane into the Earth's atmosphere that is one of the most critical problems in the context of ecology, and specifically in the context of raising animals for subsequent fattening and slaughtering.

Of course, such an integrated approach as changing the diet of cows is not the easiest thing, but the Burger King technologists managed to do this by adding to their diet a significant proportion of the so-called lemongrass, a special plant culture that has shown its promising potential in early laboratory studies. character in the context of reducing the final level of methane emissions into the atmosphere. Thus, less methane not only pollutes the Earth's atmosphere less, but also to a much lesser extent affects the body and health of the end consumer.

It is worth noting that at this point in time, the new Reduced Methane Whopper burger is enjoying enviable popularity, since it can also be a matter of well-thought-out marketing policy and advertising. On the other hand, if this burger is indeed a healthier alternative, then its ultimate level of popularity will not seem so far-fetched or unexpected.

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