Brushing your teeth can prevent Alzheimer's.

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A new study from the University of Bergen on the relationship between the development of neurodegenerative diseases and poor tooth brushing was a great surprise to everyone – however, experts indicate that the results of their research are also based on a rather large body of previous studies on this subject. Thus, experts advocate the view that poor hygiene of the teeth and the oral cavity as a whole can cause not only acceleration, but also the development of a whole spectrum of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's syndrome – and the answer to this interesting question lies in the ratio certain dental bacteria.

In particular, the focus of attention of the new study is the assertion that such dental bacteria as gingivitis – which cause gingivitis – in their complex of chemical properties and features very strongly resemble protein dies, which are concentrated in large quantities in the brain of a patient suffering from of a neurodegenerative disease.

These bacteria, being accumulated in large quantities in the oral cavity, settle on the walls of the teeth and gums, releasing dangerous toxins and destroying enamel, while in their properties they act almost like protein dies, which destroy the nerve endings in neurons. Scientists say that although these bacteria may not cause neurodegeneration by itself, they definitely play an important role in this process because they have a very destructive effect on the nerve endings of the enamel and gums, also leading to additional unpleasant factors, such as irritation and inflammation of the gums due to toxins.

Despite the fact that the research itself cannot claim to be the ultimate truth – due to the absence of any convincing evidence – nevertheless, the research team says that it intends to carry out the first animal tests and talk about the prerequisites of such interconnections – if, of course, it is found at all

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