Brown University Scientists Unveil New Brain Interface

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Today, a team of neuroscientists from Brown University in the United States presented the first results of testing its new brain interface called BCI, which stands for Brain-Computer Interface and is a system of a special chip implanted in the brain with which the user can send brain signals to various external devices, thus, remotely and wirelessly control them. Of course, it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but the truth is that humanity has been using this kind of technology for some time now – albeit mostly of a wired type that needs an external power source.

As for a new research project by a team of neuroscientists from Brown University in the USA, we are talking about a completely wireless brain interface with which users can control third-party electronic devices and which does not require an external battery or power system as a whole, which greatly facilitates operation of the interface.

In particular, a team of American researchers managed to implement a truly seamless version of such an interface, the work of which is still supported by an external decoder, which converts neural signals into electrical ones, which makes it possible to issue commands to third-party gadgets and devices. Preliminary tests have shown that the new brain-chip system does indeed work as expected, and that overall it has really promising future applications. In general, we can say for sure that scientists from Brown University will continue their research in this direction.

In addition, there is a possibility that in a relatively short time, a team of American neuroscientists will join forces with the country's leading robotics and present an even more multifunctional, compact and autonomous version of the brain chip in every sense of the word – however, before this, the team will definitely have to make several attempts as the system should be adapted and improved in the long term, so that all that remains is to wait for the official news.

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