Brown fat significantly reduces the chances of certain diseases

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The so-called "brown fat" is something really interesting and unusual in terms of its properties and directions of internal use – and today a team of talented biologists from Rockefeller University in the United States has once again proved that we still know very little about this unusual tissue. burning calories instead of storing them, unlike white fat. It is worth noting that brown fat has been studied in various configurations, but in a new study, a team of experts was able to link its properties and its presence with a reduced risk of occurrence and development of certain diseases.

In particular, we are talking about the fact that those people who have any noticeable amount of brown fat, there is a significantly lower risk of occurrence and development of various kinds of diseases associated with the health of the cardiovascular system, as well as diseases such as diabetes the second type. These are the conclusions the team of researchers came to shortly after they conducted comprehensive analyzes of medical cases of more than 52 thousand patients across the country, finding that about 10% of them have this brown fat in exactly the proportion that makes it much faster and easier to cope with burning calories.

Moreover, as scientists also found, the presence or absence of brown fat is not directly related to the baseline data regarding body weight and health status, which clearly indicates a genetic factor in its presence in the body. It remains only to wait for subsequent studies and their more detailed stages in order to achieve even more indicative results.

In addition, the researchers currently say they intend to do some additional research in the near future on brown fat in various dynamic and statistical configurations of human behavior – in other words, experts are very interested in checking how much the presence or absence of brown fat is. will affect the effectiveness of certain processes in the body, although there are many hidden moments.

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