Brown Fat Can Fight Obesity Effectively

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The human body continues to be a considerable mystery, despite the fact that thanks to the efforts and successes of scientists, we learn more and more about it – and today, a talented team of researchers from Rutgers University in the USA presented the results of their study on the analysis of the properties and characteristics of so-called brown fat . Brown fat, unlike its white counterpart, is a special type of fat cell that burns calories more actively to generate heat – and early research often suggested that it could be the key to effectively combating obesity and related diseases.

In the new study, experts focused on identifying specifically how brown fat can express its positive properties. It turned out that among the surface properties, it can also directly affect the three major amino acids that make up the BCAA amino acid group – we are talking about leukin, isoleucine and valine. The fact is that these three amino acids, although they have a high degree of benefit and are simply necessary for the body to have proper weight and heat regulation, nevertheless they can cause some serious problems with obesity, being produced in excessively high concentration.

According to preliminary results of tests on experimental rats, brown fat has the ability to effectively block the activity of this group of amino acids, preventing them from developing in excessively large quantities – which leads to a significant reduction in the risk of various diseases associated with obesity and weight irregularity.

On the other hand, the properties of brown fat are not yet fully understood, and the team of researchers speaks of caution and the need to double-check everything again, so that an additional dynamic study will soon appear aimed at analyzing the extent and format of the cell brown fat can actually neutralize obesity in the initial stages of its development.

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