Breastfeeding reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

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Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh conducted a series of clinical trials and found that breastfeeding in women reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases over the next 15 years.

At the same time, it is noted that such indicators occurred only in those women who did not have problems with blood pressure: they decreased the level of circulating fats, while the concentration of "good" fats increased.

In the course of the research, specialists studied the clinical pictures of 678 mothers who had a history of 1-2 pregnancies. The data were collected for 7-15 years, while some of the women did not breastfeed the children, another part breastfed the baby for six months, and the rest for more than six months.

So, it was found that those mothers who breastfed their baby for six months and had no problems with blood pressure showed the best results – the carotid artery narrowed, which reduces the risk of stroke, increased the concentration of "healthy" cholesterol.

Why is this happening, scientists can not yet say, therefore further research is required. Perhaps, on the basis of these results, it will be possible to develop a new method for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.



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