Breast Cancer Can Be Prevented With Some Foods

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A diet can actually have an effect on the health and well-being of an individual – and while it is hard to argue with this statement, it is much easier to challenge the assumption that a low-fat diet may have any long-term health-improving factors. So a new study by specialists from the American Society of Clinical Oncology demonstrated that in order to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer in women, it is really worth paying attention to a low-fat diet, since a clinical trial proved a direct relationship between them and this type of cancer, including in adulthood.

It is worth noting that a significant part of the specialist’s research was based on the study and evaluation of a database of studies received from Women’s Health Initiative, one of the largest medical organizations in the United States, specializing in the study of women's health and the factors that can destroy this health.

Regarding the question of the preferred diet, experts noted that in reality, as their observations showed, the vast majority of women – especially over forty – who predominantly eat a low-fat diet, have a 21% reduced risk factor for developing breast cancer of one or another type, and cancer in general. This observation database was compiled from observations of more than 49,000 women throughout the United States, some of which were not previously seen by an oncologist – however, a long-term clinical experiment performed showed that a diet rich in fats could actually cause breast cancer development.

In addition, some previous studies have one way or another pointed to this possibility – and this means that the current study only confirms the direct threat from excessive consumption of fats for women over forty years of age. So far, specialists want to double-check the data and prepare a more detailed and analytical report regarding their observation.

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