Breakthrough in scoliosis treatment – magnetic spine

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Breakthrough in scoliosis treatment in Israel
New Method Modification – Magnetic Spine

Spinal curvature – scoliosis is detected in 1/5 of the world's population, and almost 20% of them have pronounced forms of the disease that need surgical treatment abroad. In foreign clinics, new methods are used – minimally invasive operations with dynamic fixation of the spine, which preserves the possibility of movement.

Breakthrough in scoliosis treatment in Israel

Orthopedists at Israeli clinics have recently proposed a fundamentally new method for correcting scoliosis in children – the most sparing and physiological. This is ApiFix technology, designed to gradually straighten the spine over 3-5 months, without tissue incisions. It is already actively used in treatment in Israel.

A simulated rod is implanted in the spine, the angle of which is periodically changed by the action of a special needle from the outside. So in stages the rod is straightened along with the spine. This revolutionary technology has made a breakthrough in the treatment of scoliosis abroad, aroused great interest, and has already been taken into service, it is used and is being modified in other countries of the world.

New Method Modification – Magnetic Spine

Until now, such operations have been carried out in children, with elastic and supple tissues of the spine. Recently, for the first time in the world in Ireland, a 30-year-old woman with scoliosis was operated on in a similar manner to Tallaght Hospital. She was implanted in the spine with magnetic rods, which were controlled externally by a magnetic field.

Scoliosis was congenital and in a rather advanced stage. The magnetic rod, controlled by the remote control, not only corrects the angle of curvature of the spine, but also is able to lengthen it. The new “magnetic spine” technology now provides adults with the opportunity to correct scoliosis without heavy and traumatic operations.

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