Brain surgery without surgery

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More recently, the world's first brain surgery was performed at the Rambam Medical Center, which did not require the participation of a surgeon or radiation exposure. This technology is developed by the largest Israeli scientific company "Insitek".

Features of this operation are that do not need anesthesia, and in general operating. The patient just puts a special helmet on his head, and at the end of the procedure he can get up and go, not to mention any kind of rehabilitation.

And what does a neurosurgeon doctor do in this case? He monitors the process on the screen in 3-dimensional image and controls it by pressing the buttons of the remote control. Already conducted about 200 interventions on this technology in Israel and in other countries under the contract – the United States, Sweden, Japan, Korea. The technique continues to improve, and scientists promise it the prospect of crowding out craniotomy and radiation surgery.


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