Brain shape allowed Homo Sapiens to survive Neanderthals

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For over 200 thousand years, Neanderthals – the closest ancestors of modern man – have inhabited much of modern Europe. However, when about 40 thousand years ago, Homo Sapiens, who came from Africa, actively supplanted hominids, their development was signified by a much higher pace and speed. Earlier, anthropologists argued that the secret lies in a larger brain volume in modern people compared to the brain of Neanderthals, however, a new study by a multinational team of anthropologists and neuroscientists, published in an article in the scientific journal Scientific Reports, speaks of a slightly different reason for a person’s “victory” over a Neanderthal man.

A team of professional anthropologists, neuroscientists, and mechanical engineering specialists presented in their study a special comparative computer model that focuses on studying the differences and similarities in the brain of Neanderthals and modern humans.

Human evolution gallery. Model of male Homo neanderthalensis, Natural History Museum, London, England, UK, This image could have imperfections as ità ¢ .s either historical or reportage. (Newscom TagID: agerm347902.jpg) (Photo via Newscom)

Anthropological and biological data for the model were taken directly from existing DNA materials of hominid ancestors and modern humans, and the model itself operates in two modes – it simultaneously compares patterns of the shape and location of brain regions, while reconstructing individual details during the virtual deformation process. Scientists, therefore, found that a different form of the brain played a key role in the rapid development of Homo sapiens, in particular, the different locations of certain parts of the brain.

They found that in the average volume and size of the brain, Neanderthals and modern people are almost identical, however, differences in form give rise to the theory that both species processed information differently. The latter, in particular, is indicated by the excellent location of the cerebellum in Homo Sapiens in the lower cervical base of the brain, in contrast to Neanderthals, in which it is located closer to the middle of the brain. Of course, specialists have yet to conduct a lot of testing and testing their computer model.

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