Brain aging can be slowed down successfully.

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Aging of the brain is an inevitable, and, unfortunately, unpleasant process. It is unpleasant because it is usually accompanied by many different external signs and symptoms that somehow affect the performance of a person and his brain, in some cases worsening the work of long-term memory, and in others lead to the emergence of such neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's syndrome or Alzheimer's. Nevertheless, a lot of research is trying to give an answer to the question of how best and most effectively to deal with this by offering different options for medicines and medicinal compounds – however, the answer may be much simpler.

At least, the research team from Boston University, led by Professor of Neurobiology Nicole Spartano, believes this – she noted in her recent study on the relationship between brain aging and various life factors that it is systematic and light physical activity that is the best way to keep away signs of various neurodegenerative diseases.

Her research team came to these conclusions shortly after completing the analysis of data from a study called the Framingham Heart Study – where they found that light-intensity exercise, even a couple of hours a week, can significantly reduce the risk of developing a predisposition to neurodegeneration in general. At the same time, the research team also says that it is a matter of rather short and easy training, which of course is encouraging.

In addition, many similar studies undertaken earlier somehow proved something similar – since the relationship between the brain’s work and its physical condition also includes many factors of a person’s physical activity, it becomes clear that the factor of physical activity is definitely here as the best marker. in which you can predict the risks and timing of the development of such diseases of the brain as it ages.

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