Blueberries can significantly reduce high blood pressure

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Several studies on the benefits of eating blueberries have appeared today in the scientific journals The Journals of Gerontology and Medical Sciences – the fact is that these studies were initiated by previously observed relationships between eating a certain amount of this berry and improving overall health. This time, teams of nutritionists from various universities in the United States made a new attempt to understand the mechanism of the effect of blueberries on the body, at the same time shedding light on some features and moments that are directly related to the correct choice of a particular serving of blueberries.

According to preliminary research results, eating blueberries in an amount of about one cup per day can achieve three goals at once – reduce inflammation in the body, improve memory and avoid many diseases that arise as we age. In addition, scientists noticed that such a daily serving of blueberries can significantly reduce systolic blood pressure and normalize the passage of blood in the blood arteries, which is apparently due to the presence of a large number of anthocyanins – a special family of photochemicals in blueberries.

These photochemicals have a handful of useful properties and capabilities, primarily for blood and blood pressure. Not surprisingly, as a side effect, a significant reduction in the risk of developing various diseases of the cardiovascular spectrum is achieved, especially as the body ages. It is also worth noting the fact of the gradual normalization of the long-term and short-term memory.

This study – like some others before it – clearly demonstrates the relevance and need for consumption of fruits and berries, and especially blueberries, which often acts as an underestimated berry. In fact, it is worth noting that, as the body ages, it is blueberries that have the greatest chances to rid it of various concomitant degradation processes that are inherent in aging as such.

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