Blood pressure medication can cause cancer

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Not all medicines and drugs of this or that format can be really useful and interesting for use for most users – in particular, today the US Federal Food and Drug Administration has decided the next stage of its program on withdrawal from the internal medical system. drug trafficking called potassium losartan – manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals. The main reason for this decision lies in the fact that many studies around this medication have confirmed its tendency to form cancer in some patients with high blood pressure.

In principle, it is precisely to combat high blood pressure that this drug was created by specialists from Teva Pharmaceuticals – and at the moment it has already been recognized as not quite safe and effective. The fact is that research related to examining the relationship between blood pressure and the oncological spectrum of diseases revealed for the most part that potassium losartan can in fact play the role of a trigger in this.

That's because in about half the volume of this drug, scientists found an excessively large amount of an impure mixture called the NMBA, so the US Federal Commission decided to speed up the withdrawal from circulation of this drug, and also prepared and issued an act on the need to prohibit selling it in the US. It is worth noting that the NMBA mixture itself, which is an active source in the drug, was created as part of the laboratory work of Hetero Labs, and therefore some questions will also be addressed to the direct management of this company.

Nevertheless, even despite the additional acceleration of work on the withdrawal of this drug from circulation, still more and more medical institutions and teams continue to explore additional features of it – apparently, in order to establish some alternative possibilities for its use. It remains only to wait for the final report from the FDA and from the original manufacturer of this drug.

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