Blood Pressure Cure May Help Neurodegeneration

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The use of old drugs and drugs in the new vein is one of the most promising and interesting approaches to improving the treatment of various diseases – especially neurodegenerative. That is why the team of medical researchers from the University of Cambridge decided to do their bit and presented today the results of their research, according to which one of the most common and popular medicines against high blood pressure can be changed in its structure so as to effectively deal with the symptoms of neurodegeneration due to activation of autophagy.

Autophagy is a special cellular mechanism of the body, in which the immune system creates and releases a large number of special T-cells that can quickly and effectively destroy a large number of harmful cells and compounds in the body. And we are talking about a new drug such as felodipine, which has been used as one of the most common drugs for high blood pressure for more than thirty years, which makes it both safe and free from most of the side effects.

After conducting preliminary experiments on animal models with which symptoms of neurodegeneration were induced, the scientists found that they need similar volumes of this medicine as humans. In addition, an artificial process of autophagy can be caused in this medicine really quickly, while avoiding various problems and peculiarities associated with not quite correct side effects in the short and long term.

So far, research has been concerned with a relatively limited range of animal models and formulas, measured felodipine – however, in the near future, scientists will make new attempts to improve their modified medication in such a way as to further reduce the range of possible side effects that may occur in a given control. moment.

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