Blood pressure control can prevent neurodegeneration

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The US National Institute of Health today released the results of its long-term study of the potential relationship between blood pressure control in youth and the reduced risk of developing various neurodegenerative diseases in old age. It is worth noting that the study itself implied the study of a very different spectrum of possible relationships, however, at this point in time, the issue of controlling high blood pressure is the highest priority in this context, signaling that it is through it that most people have a chance to reduce the risk of neurodegeneration in old age.

The results of the study were obtained shortly after analyzing the preliminary data block of several thousand patients on the NIH SPRINT project, which is a special medical statistical study and includes various lifestyle factors in relation to neurodegeneration. According to preliminary reports and results, it is precisely the control of blood pressure – especially high blood pressure – that may become the most effective managerial trigger, due to which, at a more mature age, you can avoid increasing neurodegeneration in any form.

The fact is that, controlling the pressure and not allowing him to bulge too high, the specialists noticed on the patients of this test that the number of protein dies and white matter plates in the brain is noticeably reduced, and the accumulation itself is much slower. According to the current theory of neurodegeneration, it is these protein dies that become the main cause of the onset and development of various neurodegenerative diseases.

It is worth noting that the control of blood pressure in this study is implied primarily through the use of special medications and drug approaches, however, psychological factors and methods are also taken into account. Thus, those people who control their blood pressure from a young age are more likely to avoid neurodegeneration in old age.

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