Blackcurrant Effectively Regulates Blood Sugar

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Many berries do have a pronounced blood sugar lowering effect due to the ideal proportion of fructose and certain third-party chemicals – however, individual berries in this sense hold the record for maintaining and promoting health. Even today, a talented team of nutritional researchers from the University of Eastern Finland presented the results of their rather lengthy study devoted to examining how effective and interesting black currant can be in this aspect, since many previous observations left behind it a rather pronounced effect of a drop in blood sugar levels. …

For the most part, this effect of immediate blood sugar reduction is possible due to the presence in berries of the so-called polyphenols – complex chemical compounds with some very indicative properties of blood sugar balance. Polyphenols are found in many fruits and berries, but in this study, it was black currant that received the most appreciation from the researchers, as preliminary tests confirmed the fact that it has the most balanced combination of its own fructose and polyphenolic compounds.

As a consequence, in a small dietary experiment, Finnish scientists noted that taking even a small amount of black currant – about two and a half ounces – can significantly and quickly reduce blood sugar levels, even when it comes to eating a lot of saturated carbohydrates beforehand. Of course, such an indicator could not pass by the attention of researchers.

Therefore, it is the black currant berries that are the most promising in this aspect, offering something truly unique and unusual in the context of maintaining an ideal balance in blood sugar levels – it is worth noting that black currant also has some additional aspects and properties that can be especially useful in the presence of certain chronic diseases or pre-diabetes conditions, so it remains to await new research on this matter.

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