Black raspberries can reduce skin inflammation

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Despite the fact that many different medicines are presented on the market of modern medicines to reduce the level and volume of skin inflammation caused by various external stimuli, a large part of such medicines still have their own side effects and nuances of use. It is with the aim of providing people who often suffer from various skin irritations that a team of researchers from Ohio State University in the United States has illustrated in their new study the benefits and properties of black raspberry in the direction of reducing such inflammation and skin irritation in principle.

It is worth noting that black raspberry consumption is generally viewed by many outside biology and physiology researchers as one of the most effective natural remedies for reducing inflammation of internal and external tissues. That is why this time a team of biological researchers from Ohio armed with previous studies of the effect of black raspberries on cells of the immune system and performed an experiment on mice, during which they divided them into two groups – the first received a small amount of black raspberries as an additional supplement, commensurate with a similar volume for a person, and the second did not have such an additive.

After three weeks, during which the mice were exposed to various skin stimuli, the scientists found that the vast majority of mice from the first group, in one way or another, illustrated a much faster process of eliminating inflammation of the internal and external tissues of the epidermis, in contrast to the second group – even if it was really strong irritants like industrial chemicals.

Thus, a new study examining the benefits of black raspberry in reducing skin irritation clearly indicates that it somehow has the ability to modulate the activity of dendritic cells, which, in turn, affects the rate of reduction of inflammation of the outer layers of the skin – and this is a really excellent and promising indicator, so that it can indeed become an integral part of certain drugs.

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