Biological supplements can be dangerous outside meals

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Many nutritionists and experts in the field of applied human biology speak in one way or another about the need to follow a proper diet, because, along with systematic physical exertion, it can significantly prolong life and improve its quality. However, a new study of biologists from the walls of Tufts University in the United States has demonstrated that systematically taking various dietary supplements and vitamins outside the main diet – that is, not from immediate food – can significantly affect both the duration and the quality of life of the body, becoming possible cause of early mortality.

These results were obtained from several individual studies by specialists from Tufts University, each of which was focused on the study of a particular biologically active component — mainly on animals and cultures in the laboratory. As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that taking various vitamins and biological supplements outside the main food intake – that is, not with it – can lead to the emergence and development of the risk of early death from various autoimmune diseases and factors, including cancer. diseases.

In addition, researchers such as calcium and magnesia, traditionally considered useful in the format of tablets and other drugs, were in the center of attention of researchers – they also in many cases showed a deterioration in experimental animals when they took them on a systematic basis outside the basic diet. However, experts note that there are some exceptions.

For example, certain groups of vitamin and microelements somehow benefit even in the format of pills and other medicines, such as iodine, potassium, zinc and iron, which in any case help to increase the duration and quality of life, especially in people over 40 50 years. However, the study itself took as an example a cut of the average adult Americans, and therefore another similar study will soon be undertaken.

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