Biden administration plans to increase vaccine availability

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Recently, the United States has been something really unusual regarding the current situation with a new type of coronavirus – in particular, it is in America that there are currently the most cases and most deaths from COVID-19. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the current administration of President Joe Biden is interested in the fight against coronavirus and makes it one of the most visible and important priorities in its work. Today it became known that the administration of the current American president intends to further develop this project as one of the most important.

In particular, today, representatives of the administration of the current American President Joe Biden announced that, according to their new plan, by early May of this year, they intend to make the COVID-19 coronavinus vaccine as accessible as possible for every adult citizen – it is worth noting that already at the moment Since then, more than 100 million units of vaccines have been distributed throughout the states of the country out of the 250 million originally planned, so Biden was able to keep his promise to vaccinate 100 million people during the first 100 days of his presidency.

It is worth noting the important fact that vaccination of this kind is a really long and difficult process, which in one way or another requires a high level of dedication, which is an indicative moment for the national health system. Of course, at this point in time, the distribution of the vaccine is also some problem for the authorities in the United States.

On the other hand, mass vaccination of the entire adult population is one of those tasks that is one way or another performed using the most modern and relevant technologies and legal approaches, so there is virtually no doubt that by the end of this spring in the United States the entire adult population will be vaccinated. And then the government and the national health system will tackle the optimization and improvement of other health projects as such.

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