Belarusian scientists develop a microchip capable of detecting cancer

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Cancer treatment, contrary to what most people think, is being successfully carried out at the present time – cancer has long ceased to be incurable. But there is one "but" – for this, it must be identified at an early stage.


Early diagnosis of lung cancer
Microchip express diagnosis of lung cancer
Practical application
Experimental Cancer Treatment

The early stage of a tumor is one that has not yet led to irreversible disturbances in the body, has not gone beyond the limits of one organ, does not have metastases. The problem of malignant tumors is that they do not manifest themselves in the early stages, and the first symptoms, as a rule, already speak of an advanced stage of the disease. In this regard, it becomes clear why the possibility of early diagnosis of cancer is considered the primary task of oncology, and why so much attention is paid to it.

Early diagnosis of lung cancer

early detection of lung cancerBelarusian oncologists in collaboration with their colleagues from India are currently working on a device that will help in the early diagnosis of one of the most dangerous, highly malignant types of cancer – lung cancer. In addition to the fact that this type of tumor is very aggressive, it is also widely distributed: at present, lung cancer occupies the first place in the number of deaths from cancer.

At present, the primary (screening) method for diagnosing lung cancer is the familiar fluorography. With all the convenience (simplicity, accessibility, etc.), this method has a number of drawbacks, namely that small-sized tumors often go unnoticed. That is, the problem is the same – the cancer of the lung is detected too late, when the tumor is already large.

The new method differs in a fundamentally different approach; it allows one to reliably determine the presence of a malignant tumor when there are no changes on the fluorogram.

Microchip express diagnosis of lung cancer

Belarusian researchers from the Institute of Physiology of the National Academy of Sciences and Indian scientists from the Institute of Scientific Education and Research (IISER) with the support of Molbio Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.

The device is a microchip. During its creation, cellular technologies were used: from a biological material (saliva or sputum) placed on a chip, malignant tumor cells are released, to which the chip reacts. It works like this: a small amount of sputum is placed on a microchip, inserted into a special device that reads information.

In fact, the technology has already been sufficiently developed – a similar device created by Indian experts to diagnose pulmonary tuberculosis.

Practical application

According to Belarusian scientists, they will need about 2 more years to complete work on a diagnostic microchip. When this is done, everyone will have the opportunity to undergo an accurate rapid diagnosis of lung cancer. This is of particular importance for people at risk.

This includes:

diagnosis of lung cancer for people at riskpeople whose first-line relatives (parents or siblings) had lung cancer;
employed in hazardous chemical production (for example, in the asbestos industry);
malignant tobacco smokers;
people prone to frequent diseases of the lungs and bronchi;
living in ecologically unfavorable places (in the area of ​​waste disposal of large industries, along busy roads, etc.).

Experimental Cancer Treatment

Belarusian oncology is considered to be the most advanced in the entire post-Soviet space; in terms of the effectiveness of treatment, Belarusian oncology centers are practically at the same level as the best clinics in Israel and Germany. Just as there, in Belarus, everything new in the treatment of cancer and its diagnosis, innovative treatment of cancer, and experimental methods of diagnosis are quickly introduced into everyday practice – all this allows us to increase the effectiveness of antitumor therapy.

It is very easy to learn how to get cancer diagnostics and treatment in Belarus: you need to fill out and send the contact form on the website. The specialist of the center will answer within a few hours, will give free advice on all questions, including the cost of treatment.

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