Being overweight can be a dangerous threat to your cognitive brain health

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Overweight can be a serious enough problem for most people today, since it is and remains one of the most common causes of early death. It is worth noting the fact that despite all the currently available methods of treating and preventing obesity, many people still suffer from it physically – however, new research on the search for a potential relationship between the degree of obesity and brain problems has pointed to other important factors. It turned out that progressive obesity can actually negatively affect the cognitive abilities of the brain in more mature age.

A joint team of neuroscientists from the United States came to such conclusions shortly after carefully analyzing more than 35 thousand brain scans from more than 17 thousand patients suffering from some form of obesity. To make a comparative analysis, the team decided to divide the findings into three groups – low obesity, medium and high, and this division was primarily due to the official scientific formulation of the question of body mass index.

After conducting several different configurations and comparisons, the research team concluded that the most progressive and dangerous forms of obesity – in which a person goes beyond the acceptable value of 32 kg / m2 – have the most negative impact on brain function and on cognitive ability in principle. … Moreover, experts noted that high forms of obesity can further with a certain probability lead to the development of various neurodegenerative diseases of the brain, including dementia.

One way or another, the research team still has a lot of additional research and tests to do on the impact of obesity on the work and cognitive abilities of the brain – because the problem of obesity is more acute and affects an ever wider population of our planet. It remains only to await the final results of subsequent research by specialists from various US universities.

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