Bad sleep can be genetically determined

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It is quite obvious to everyone that lack of sleep and its poor quality are among the most dangerous factors for the deterioration of quality and longevity, which has been proven indirectly and directly by a considerable amount of research. However, today a team of specialists in genetics and evolutionary biology from the UK presented their new research on the question of whether sleep deficiency and various disorders associated with it are the result of the not quite correct operation of certain genes. And the results were the most eloquent.

Because scientists actually conducted a comparative experiment-analysis, having made a certain sample of several tens of thousands of people who participated in the UK Biobank biobank program in the UK – 85,000 volunteers and their data on sleep were collected. In addition to a careful study of the characteristics and patterns of their sleep, as well as its duration and quality, scientists also focused on identifying potential similarities in their genetics.

Shortly after the first research tour, they found 47 genetic associations on the eight basic sleep patterns that were observed in the absolute majority of subjects – and 26 genetic variants became an absolute novelty for researchers, demonstrating indirect evidence that genetics actually have a direct impact on sleep patterns. . In addition, scientists also drew attention to the fact that lack of sleep and some of its systematic disorders may be associated with gene expression.

Or rather, with the expression of a strictly defined number and combinations of genes that can actually be really diverse and inherited – thus a new study somehow became one of those that really confirms the fact of the existence of a stable relationship between genetics and features sleep in each individual. However, experts say that they are not yet ready to make certain and detailed assumptions regarding this relationship.

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