Autism in children can be defined up to 14 months.

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The autistic spectrum of disorders is a truly multi-stage and complex type of psycho-physiological diseases, for which modern children usually undergo testing at the age of 18 to 24 months, which is the usual norm. However, according to a recent study by specialists from several US universities and published in the scientific journal JAMA Pediatrics, a special screening test for children for signs of autism can be carried out at an earlier age — namely, at 14 months. Experts defend this point of view, pointing to the results that they managed to achieve during the 12-year study of this issue.

According to recent studies, scientists from the United States announced that it was at such an early age that it was the most successful time marker for determining autism, since the brains of children at that age are in the most flexible and flexible form, and therefore more responsive to various test triggers. In addition, the research team also pointed out that the diagnosis of autism becomes especially useful and important at an earlier age in order to prepare them in a special way for more effective social adaptation at school – especially in the case of actual detection of the autism spectrum of the disease.

It is worth noting that autism has some really interesting moments regarding changes in brain neuroplasty, and therefore in the environment of 1,263 child test subjects, the detection rate of autism spectrum increased by 33%, which is an indicator of quite a large clinical number.

Thus, the recently presented model for earlier diagnostics of autism spectrum is really interesting and multifunctional, especially in comparison with the traditional approach to detect autism in children. However, experts want to conduct additional research in this direction, thereby increasing the proportion of the indicative result.

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