Atheists and Agnostics Sleep Better and Stronger Than Believers: A Study

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The quality and duration of sleep are some of the most important criteria that can significantly improve a person's life and save him from various kinds of dangerous diseases – provided, of course, that they are at a sufficiently high level. Today, a team of neurophysiological researchers from the American Sleep Medicine Association presented the results of their new comparative study, in which they found out how a particular religious affiliation and religious beliefs in general can affect the quality and duration of sleep – and the results were quite unexpected and even somewhat surprising.

The fact is that experts, after conducting several configurations of such a study, found that it is believers who experience, on average, more problems associated with falling asleep and sleeping in general. According to the final data of a new study, only 63% of Catholics and 53% of Baptists reported having good sleep and various sleep patterns, while atheists and agnostics had a significantly higher average of 73% – which is, in fact, a fairly large margin.

Factors that can explain such unevenness in the data, for the most part, can be hidden in some of the indigenous life habits and practices of believers and atheists, but the team of specialists also suggests that it is the religious part of consciousness and subconsciousness that may be an important factor, although at this point in time it is rather difficult to say to what extent this factor can be influential and how exactly to approach its study.

On the other hand, atheists and agnostics may, on average, have more stress triggers, although in terms of sleep quality and duration in the current study, it is these two groups of respondents who exemplified the most healthy sleep indications. This means that they not only sleep at least seven hours a day, but also adhere to a certain sleep pattern, which is often even more important than all other factors.

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