Aspirin can be dangerous on a daily basis.

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Millions of adults who take small doses of aspirin every day can actually be on the verge of serious risk – this study from the American Heart Association and the American Center for Cardiology says that. Experts presented their new analytical study based on consideration of potentially harmful effects that can be exerted on the body due to daily intake of even the smallest dose of aspirin, a fairly affordable and inexpensive medication that has preventive properties to prevent vascular occlusion and strokes by thinning the blood.

However, it is this blood thinning effect that is the most dangerous, as American researchers believe. The fact is that their new study is based on three clinical trials related to taking aspirin for adults, which were carried out three times in the past 2018 – and these tests showed that systematically taking even a minimal amount of aspirin can lead to an excessively high risk of internal hemorrhage and rupture of blood vessels. This is particularly risky for people over 70 who continue to take daily doses of aspirin as a precaution against the onset and development of various cardiovascular diseases.

Experts note that the largest scale of the problem lies in the fact that many adults, knowing about the preventive properties of aspirin, take it without the consent of their doctors, often ignoring some third-party features and factors that can aggravate the situation – that's why scientists believe this needs to be careful.

Systematic intake of aspirin in small doses can actually play a key role in stopping the development of a wide range of cardiovascular diseases – however, due to the fact that it has a rather unpleasant feature of making blood thinner and less often, it can be dangerous for older people. patients. That is why experts are interested in conducting additional research and testing new results.

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