Aspirin can be a good cancer prevention

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Sometimes even the simplest and most affordable medicines can save a person’s life – often even in the long run. Approximately this conclusion was reached by a team of oncologists from several US universities, which studied the effect of some simple medicines on the body in order to potentially reduce the risk of a particular type of cancer. They determined that nothing more than aspirin can be a really great help for most people who are predisposed to some types of cancer, including liver, digestive, and colon cancer.

The combined results of the research came to the presented results and conclusions after a rather lengthy and careful analysis of more than 100 previous studies, which focused on the study of the hidden properties of aspirin in the context of cancer. They found that taking one or two tablets of aspirin per week can reduce the risk of developing various types of cancer, sometimes even significantly – for example, with respect to colon cancer, this risk is reduced by 27%, and in relation to liver cancer – up to 38%, and what the older the person, the more the prophylactic effect of aspirin is manifested. Of course, some additional conditions of the patient are mixed here.

However, the researchers themselves indicate that their current study is not yet complete and does not claim to be called the truth, and aspirin should be agreed with the attending physician in any case, as it may also have its own side effects, such as thinning blood, which can be dangerous, especially with frequent and systematic administration of the drug.

It is worth noting the fact that such simple and affordable medicines as aspirin, on the other hand, can be, on the other hand, not a rational and correct solution in the presence of certain chronic diseases, which is also noted by the research team. So at this point in time it remains to wait for further, more specific and accurate data on what types of cancer can actually recede under the influence of aspirin.

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