Artificial light sources disrupt sleep health at night

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Sleep is a big mystery when neuroscientists begin to speak out about it – because we still have an unknown majority of the mechanisms behind this simple concept. Nevertheless, already now, on the basis of some very detailed studies, we can get a picture of how wrong, unsystematic and unhealthy sleep can undermine health in one or another aspect – and that is why experts from the National Institute of Social Sciences in the United States presented their A new study on the effect of artificial light during sleep on the likelihood of increasing the weight of women aged 35 to 75 years.

It is this social and age group that was chosen by scientists to conduct their experiment, since many early similar studies have shown that sleeping under dim artificial light — even expressed in a sufficiently small number of light sources — can somehow be unhealthy. To confirm or refute this theory, experts analyzed patterns and features of sleep in artificial light for more than 43 thousand women in the specified age category and found that, in fact, the effect of artificial light – even in small quantities – on night sleep increases the risk of additional weight gain on average .

In particular, according to preliminary calculations, scientists summed up the figure of 11 pounds – and, it is worth noting the fact that absolutely all women did not suffer from any systematic sleep disorders, cardiac rhythm disorders and did not have any dangerous chronic diseases that could it affect.

Thus, the study shows that nighttime sleep in dim light may actually cause the development of additional complications in terms of metabolism at night. However, it is necessary to conduct additional research on this fact and thus look at the results that will be achieved later.

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