Arsenic in drinking water may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

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High-quality and clean drinking water is the basis for the normal regulation of vital activity for any person – however, it is worth noting the fact that there are some substances that can greatly affect this. For example, a rather large concentration of arsenic in drinking water is the most common problem in this context, and today a team of researchers from the American Heart Association has compiled a report on their long-term consequences for people who systematically consume water even with a small amount of arsenic. In particular, they noted an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Previous studies have often said that the consumption of water with arsenic content is actually a dangerous enterprise, since it contributes to an increased risk of developing a different spectrum of diseases, ranging from neurodegeneration to diabetes. However, a new study by scientists from the United States focused on identifying how strongly arsenic in drinking water can contribute to the compaction of the walls of the heart chambers and tissues of the heart muscle in general.

Having carefully observed and investigated the cases of several thousand patients who had an increased concentration of arsenic in the blood, they found that the increased probability of developing one or another cardiovascular disease in them is about 47%, which automatically increases about 58% in those patients who also suffer high blood pressure. Moreover, the results were obtained on the basis of young patients.

Thus, the study indicated that the presence of even small amounts of arsenic in drinking water may in fact increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, including in the younger category of people who do not suffer from any obvious diseases or heart disorders. These results will certainly be the basis of future, more detailed research.

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