Apple persuaded 15 more companies to switch to environmental materials

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It's no secret for anyone that Apple is quite actively pursuing a policy aimed at maintaining the ecology, including by releasing its products from the most environmentally friendly materials. And here again, the corporation finally convinced another 15 different companies, which are also suppliers of some components for Apple devices, which list includes such well-known corporations in the world as Foxconn and TSMC. All 15 companies will now produce components for Apple products from 100 percent eco-friendly materials and energy. Due to this, an extremely serious step, the total number of companies supporting this environmental program has reached 44.

Apple also announced that the corporation now expects that by 2020 it will be able to exceed its current target of using four gigawatts of renewable energy per additional gigawatts.

Back in April last year, the corporation announced that now all its facilities are working, using exclusively renewable energy sources in their activities. Well, in October of the past year, the company stated that it had already managed to achieve this very goal for all of its retail stores. However, as noted by the CNBC news publication, Apple’s own production capacity leaves just over a quarter of the carbon footprint. In the meantime, all the remaining 74 percent come exclusively from “Apple partners in the plant.”

However, apparently, this is a slightly negligent attitude of one of the largest companies to the environment, in the past, because the corporation’s yesterday’s announcement says that all the company’s suppliers have already committed themselves to achieving the goal of using only renewable, clean energy materials. During a conversation with the authoritative publication Reuters, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president responsible for the environment, social policy, and social initiatives, declined to comment on whether Apple would ultimately refuse such services. suppliers, like TSMC or Foxconn in the event that they still do not fulfill their obligations.

If you’re in the middle of a row, you’ll be worn around the Apple Store on the Apple Store. There are no limits on the number of people who use their devices and online services. (AP Photo / Rick Rycroft)

Apple's pursued environmental goals at the moment managed to be the subject of a fierce dispute with several of its major investors. For example, back in 2014, one of the shareholders of Apple expressed its strong concern about all the environmental initiatives of the company's management, simultaneously speaking against "various solutions that may primarily contribute to solving environmental or social problems, and not increase shareholder value." These claims were categorically rejected by all Apple shareholders.

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