Antiviral medicine for cats can help people fight COVID-19

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The fight against the new type of coronavirus is becoming increasingly fierce as various research and medical teams seek to better cope with the development of a vaccine or some effective drug against it. So today, a team of researchers from the University of Alberta in the USA presented the results of their rather unusual experiment, in the center of which specialists tested a new type of antiviral medicine for the feline family – it turns out that it has every chance not only to effectively fight the symptoms of coronavirus, but also to attack the main virus reproduction center.

The ability to pre-neutralize the COVID-19 coronavirus by blocking the multiplication function of its molecules is one of the highest priority projects in the framework of world research on vaccination against this disease. Many scientists on the team are continually testing various existing drugs for treating people to determine the most suitable candidate. However, a way out appeared where it was not expected at all, since we are talking about a new experimental anti-COVID-19 vaccine, created specifically for cats and all members of the feline family.

After conducting several preliminary tests in laboratory conditions, experts came to the conclusion that this drug can also be extremely useful for people – provided it has some preliminary structural modification and adaptation to the conditions and characteristics of the human body, of course. However, such a possibility is not so obvious to researchers.

The point is that they not only need to do additional investigations and configurations of such tests, but also determine the most likely type of modifiers for a given feline vaccine – a process that itself can take quite a long time. So at this point in time, it remains only to wait for the next news on what exactly the team of specialists is trying to prepare in order to make their new vaccine one step closer to its universal version.

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