Antipsychotics May Help Against COVID-19

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The use of so-called antipsychotics – a special class of medications prescribed when it is necessary to treat and relieve various mental disorders – is quite an interesting point in terms of interaction with various viral infections. And today, as part of a talented research team from the University of Seville, a new study was presented regarding the fact that the use of antipsychotics can have a rather beneficial effect on the state of the immune defense against viral infections – including against COVID-19. The research team came up with these results after two sessions of research.

Moreover, each of the individual studies was conducted over a fairly long period of time and generally corresponded to the originally adopted methodology, according to which patients taking antipsychotics had to be scanned and tested for their immunity.

It turned out that after about a month after the systematic administration of antipsychotics, in the cases of both studies, scientists came to the conclusion that such patients had a much less pronounced risk of contracting COVID-19 – exactly like other viral infections – and, even more surprising , among those infected with COVID-19, far fewer people were observed in serious condition. Presumably, this is due to the fact that most antipsychotics suppress the work of certain genes that are responsible for the work of some internal mitochondrial structures, as well as for the work of receptors that are especially sensitive to infection by viruses.

Be that as it may, at this point in time, it remains only to wait for the preparation and conduct of another study by the talented team of scientists from the University of Seville, since this time they strive to introduce into their research some third-party factors that had previously remained hidden – for example, the factor of taking some third-party supportive drugs that do not directly possess antipsychotic features and properties, which is really indicative.

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