Anthropologists have established the existence of a new species of hominids that have influenced us

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Of course, anthropology is a rather amusing science that now and then reveals many variables and features of the evolutionary formation of our species – but this most often happens in situations when it comes to the already available scientific data regarding a particular branch of our ancestors. However, today's research by specialists from PLOS Genetics in the United States has very accurately outlined the fact that we have a previously undetected ancestor in our family tree, which suddenly appeared in 1% of the genome of Denisovans – to which we belonged in the strongest way not so long ago.

The fact is that American anthropologists have developed a conceptually new approach to the study and analysis, as well as to the analysis of various sets of DNA in the existing remains of our ancestors – as a result of applying this new approach to Neanderthals, Denisovans and two ancestors of African descent, scientists have found that modern humans for the most part are carriers of about 15% of the genes of this previously unidentified ancestor of modern humans, which at one time split from the archaic family of hominids and existed in parallel to the Neanderthals and for some time after them.

It is worth noting the fact that, although such studies are not so rare, they still most often give results much later, after lengthy studies and comparisons of all data, however, in the case of a new study, the results were established quickly enough, which greatly influenced the work of most anthropologists – the data will now be presented to all organizations in the field of anthropology.

Given that the new type of DNA analysis is something really unusual, it becomes clear that it will be finalized in one way or another in the near future and presented in its final form – there are too many secrets and secrets regarding our origin and evolution that we can reveal using such a systematic approach. It remains only to await the final news from the research fields of the anthropological team from PLOS Genetics.

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