Antarctic glacier melting rate is significantly higher than expected

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As we are increasingly confronted with global warming, the water level in many reservoirs of the planet continues to rise – and Antarctica with its massive ice floes and icebergs is no exception. And today, a talented team of researchers from several climatic universities of the world reiterated its research aimed at measuring accurate temperature trends in relation to the degree and speed of melting of the Antarctic underwater ice. The study itself was first prepared in the late 70s. of the last century, however, only today experts approached the data in an even more accurate way, thanks to new equipment.

Environmental experts noted that the main difficulty in measuring the melting speed of glaciers and underwater ice shelves is that it is extremely difficult to place the appropriate measuring equipment there – however, in 2017, an environmental team from several universities around the world under one of the largest Ross Ice shelves the same equipment was installed that for more than two years has been collecting information on the actual degree of glacier melting. As a result, the team of experts shared very disappointing information – this is melting about two and a half times faster than originally thought.

This is also indicated by the degree of melting of some neighboring glaciers and shelves, which are becoming narrower. However, such an ecological situation is more of a nature for the southern part of Antarctica, while in the north a more or less stable climatic zone with respect to melting glaciers continues to persist.

Nevertheless, the indicated threat clearly makes it clear that something needs to be done about this, since the massive spill of the Antarctic can provoke many not-so-pleasant and safe environmental processes on the whole Earth. It is in this direction that the environmental team continues to work, simultaneously looking for new ways to stop such rapid melting even of such massive shelves as Ross Ice.

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