Another source of massive salmonellosis discovered in the USA

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Today in the United States there was another mass recall of food products due to suspicion of the spread of salmonellosis – we are talking about mixed salads produced and manufactured by Fresh Express, which itself detected these salad sets infected with E. Coli bacteria, thus promptly intervening in process. Further, technologists from the Federal Food and Drug Administration of the United States presented their own report on this review, noting that they intend to study the spectrum and scale of the spread of salmonellosis in a more serious and detailed way soon.

It is worth noting the fact that Fresh Express is one of the few food companies in the United States that has really strict quality standards and no less strict requirements for its main partners – thus, it becomes even surprising that it was able to react so quickly to what happened. and provide all the necessary evidence that this is indeed a massive recall of its Fresh Express Caesar Supreme salad sets.

Moreover, representatives of the company have already issued an official warning regarding their salads, strongly recommending that users refuse to consume this particular salad set, since it was he who was recognized as the most problematic, and also carefully look at the date on the package – since the salad sets are dated November 8 were recognized as the most dangerous in the context of the spread of salmonellosis. It remains only to await a more detailed report on this.

For their part, representatives of the US Federal Food and Drug Administration noted that they intend to conduct an even larger and more detailed study of what happened and get to the bottom of all the circumstances that led to the emergence of salmonellosis infection – in addition, they work in close relationship with the company's technologies Fresh Express, and therefore there is no doubt that the team will present its vision of solving this problem soon enough.

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