Another molecule found to effectively eliminate excess fat

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Today, the team of biological engineering from the Technical University of Virginia presented the results of its new research on the discovery of a new type of molecule that helps to lose weight faster and more efficiently, while not losing muscle mass. We are talking about the so-called BAM15 molecule, which is part of a fairly well-studied family of mitochondrial disconnectors, which have a very wide functionality and properties in the context of metabolic processes. Thus, scientists clearly indicate the possibility of using this molecule as a basis for creating a new type of medicine against diabetes and obesity.

Both of these diseases often go hand in hand and, individually, are no less common in a wide range of people – especially among those patients who abuse junk food. As for the family of mitochondrial disconnectors, to which the found BAM15 molecule belongs, it represents special metabolic particles that allow cells to burn more fat than is required, which leads to a more accelerated process of loss of excess fat mass, while avoiding loss of muscle mass .

In addition, they in a certain way affect the overall metabolism of a person, optimizing some digestive processes, which again allows us to talk about a much higher efficiency of losing excess fat. And preliminary laboratory studies have shown that the BAM15 molecule helps very effectively in the diabetic state, since it significantly reduces insulin resistance, which can play into the hands of the body, which is in recovery mode.

Nevertheless, it is still too early to say that the test results can be uniquely useful and practical in their application – after all, scientists still need to properly refine and optimize the final chemical component of the molecule. Given that all the tests presented were tested in the laboratory, it becomes obvious that very soon scientists can present something even more interesting and unusual.

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