Animal proteins may be more effective than vegetable proteins for maintaining muscle mass

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When it comes to how much more enjoyable and wholesome alternative is a complex of foods and supplements based on the use of plant proteins in comparison with animals, many people for some reason overlook the fact that the end result will always be individual and more dependent on of how a person lives. However, new research from several US universities today has shown that animal proteins and foods based on them may actually be, on average, more beneficial than plant proteins, especially in the context of building and maintaining muscle mass.

Despite the global trend towards a healthier and more balanced diet, which often translates into the search for alternative methods of food production, food based on animal proteins is still a more interesting choice for those people who are actively involved in sports or who lose muscle mass in connection with age-related changes. This is exactly what the research team came to after analyzing the effect of short- and long-term plant proteins on how quickly a person gains and loses muscle mass as a member of the elderly generation.

Mix of steak meat: salmon, beef, pork and chicken

It turned out that despite the presence of some pronounced beneficial points regarding plant proteins, animal proteins are still more effective in maintaining the usual muscle volume, since they quickly restore the usual level of amino acids. It is worth noting that the study itself is far from complete.

However, you can be sure that these results are not quick to hand, as the study itself also relies heavily on the results of many previous ones. Thus, animal proteins and plant proteins, although not very different for the end user, still have their own advantages and disadvantages in the context of a particular person, his lifestyle and age-related changes.

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