Anger and irritability can be due to lack of sleep

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If you are often faced with the problem of keeping anger and negative emotions within yourself, then most likely, indirectly or directly, you suffer from a lack of quality and duration of sleep – at least, such conclusions were made by a team of researchers from the American Sleep Health Association, which recently produced quite interesting experiment. Of course, sleep deprivation and, in general, a low level of sleep quality associated with various psychosomatic and psychological problems, in one way or another, is one of the most visible risk factors for the development of various long-term health problems, in particular brain function.

As for the experiment, the scientists produced the following scenario – they invited about 200 students on local campuses to test for two days how strong the correlation between lack of sleep and one level of irritability is. Since students in this sense are the most vulnerable group, most prone to sleep problems due to study and work, their choice as a focus group was ideal. Over the course of two days, some of the students slept for five hours or less, and some continued to adhere to a normal sleep pattern. Then the specialists exposed the subjects to various loud sounds of different tonality and duration, and most often completely unexpectedly for the students themselves.

According to preliminary data, scientists have found that there is an approximately 70% correlation between lack of sleep and irritability, and in some cases it was even about undisguised anger. The experiment was also repeated in a similar configuration on local residents, giving approximately the same result.

Of course, since students are the most vulnerable group, it is easy to guess that compared to other focus groups, they will show more pronounced levels of irritation and anger due to sleepiness. However, similar results were achieved, including when observing local residents, who got the required number of hours of sleep during the night, although some other factors could play a role in their relation, somewhat softening the final level of influence.

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