And another piece of news regarding radiation control

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Scientists are convinced of the safety of their innovative method. The treatment abroad offered by them is simple and minimal in time. One can only speculate about the prospects of the new method, they are so great. This method will be able to help people suffering from radiation after technological disasters. He gives hope to those patients who managed to survive in nuclear wars. In the first 24 hours after the application of the method in treatment in Israel, an effect is noticeable. Injection of placental cells works wonders. The technique proposed by scientists from Israeli clinics is so productive that doctors use it even when it is not possible to determine the degree of exposure.

A team of talented doctors worked on the development of a technique aimed at helping people who were affected by radiation. He was led by the famous scientist Rafael Gorodetsky. The uniqueness of the development is undeniable. At the Hadassah Center, his staff used unusual cellular material in research. He was raised by the Israeli company Floristem. It's no secret that this company grows cells for medical needs. Floristem also provides substantial financial support to the Gorodetsky group.

Scientists also plan to continue work on a promising method, and to create a “cell base” in the event of a catastrophe.

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