An unusual pattern of nesting structures of bacteria was discovered

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Nesting structures are quite often found in the natural environment of various materials – this is what inspired chemists from the USA and China when developing a new type of supermolecule to fight various viral cells of the staphylococcus family. In particular, a new study of specialists published in the scientific journal Nature Communications is devoted to studying the effect of these circular supermolecules on staph bacteria, in particular in the context of the fight against Staphylococcus aureus golden staphylococcus – this may lead to the development of more effective and comprehensive medical therapies to combat it !

The project managers, chemical engineering professors Hen Wong and Siamin Kang, explained in detail the main success factor for using such a special biomaterial that makes up the hexagonal structures of supermolecules – they indicate that due to the individual properties of the biomaterial, these supermolecules can dynamically change their form factor, thereby creating new transmembrane channels with a large pore diameter.

Large molecules are called polymers. Polymers are built from smaller molecules called monomers. Biologists call them macromolecules.

All this in aggregate does not allow Staphylococcus aureus bacteria to adapt to these conditions, which makes them much more vulnerable to traditional antibacterial treatment. It is worth noting the fact that these supermolecules perfectly cope with the methicillin barrier built up by staphylococcus bacteria, while completely losing their healing properties. The latter becomes a key factor in their use as medicines.

Changing its shape during the penetration of staphylococcus bacteria into the outer shell, these supermolecules turn into so-called nanotubes, which continue to destroy the protective shell of staphylococcus. Preliminary laboratory experiments have confirmed the theory of specialists that they can be used as a connecting element in modern types of drug therapies against staphylococcus.

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