An egg is grown in the lab

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A group of scientists from the University of Edinburgh has created in artificial conditions an egg cell that is almost identical to a human one. In their opinion, this is a real breakthrough in medicine, because now the chance to become a mother has appeared for those women who were fruitless.

Work on the creation of an artificial cell lasted for seven years. Scientists who participated in this scientific project, say that now it will be possible to control almost every stage of development, and this is a very important tool of reproduction.

It should be noted that mouse stem cells were not used to create the egg, as was practiced in previously conducted experiments. Material for the study was taken from female volunteers who participated in the experimental work.

However, such positive research results do not yet indicate that a new method of treating infertility will soon appear in medicine. Currently, a number of clinical trials are required, so it’s too early to say when exactly the new technique will be used.

Scientists suggest that the results of their research will help in the fight against infertility, even to those women who have this diagnosis as a result of cancer treatment.



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