An antioxidant found to significantly rejuvenate blood vessels

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Antioxidants Concept or Anti Oxidants or Antioxidant

Many secrets surround the natural aging process of human cells – however, a team of talented specialists from the University of Colorado intends to reveal some of them, having already presented their new interesting study on the effect of special nutritional supplements on aging of cells and blood vessels. This study primarily addresses aspects related to the chemical change in the composition of these nutritional supplements, as experts, through empirical experience, were actually convinced that their method allows to achieve certain positive results in this aspect.

It is known that the so-called free radicals – the molecules that do not have a pair and tend to find it for reproduction – pose the greatest threat to the molecules of the human body’s cells, which translates into repeated “attacks” on the immune system. However, experts analyzed natural nutritional supplements, the content of vitamins C and E – which have a rejuvenating effect on blood vessels – and came to the conclusion that their chemical change will enhance this effect.

In particular, they developed a special supplement, MitoQ, created from the chemically modified antioxidant Q10, to enhance its ability to bind to mitochondria inside the cell. Testing their remedy in mice, scientists came to the conclusion that this approach can significantly reduce the stress caused by the influence of free radicals on immune cells, while updating the membrane and contents of blood vessels much more often – this is expressed in the so-called “ artificial rejuvenation. "

It is possible that in the future, experts will focus on identifying certain features of this modified antioxidant – because in the context of food additives it becomes much more correct to look at the already existing options for chemical alternation. In any case, the positive results of the rejuvenation of blood vessels and mouse cells already indicate the potential for releasing this technology to the masses.

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