Americans sold dummy drugs for nonexistent diseases

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Health is by far the most important thing that each of us has, and we need to take care of it. However, unfortunately, there are people in our world, or even entire corporations that are ready to mislead people, to deceive us so that you and I can buy their products. And the social network Facebook, as one of the largest global platforms that is visited daily by millions of different people, is also a large platform for advertising. But, as it is easy to understand, since Facebook is so large, then, therefore, in the vastness of this social network, a huge number of advertisers will want to distribute their advertising.

And it can be difficult for a couple to cope with the “ever-growing demand” in this area of ​​Facebook, and that is why often the above social networks advertise far from the most useful, safe and necessary products for people, including dummy medicines. And so, just a couple of days ago, Facebook finally deleted and completely banned the advertising of several "medical" companies. The fact is that in the territory of America and some European countries, various drugs are very actively advertised, which, according to the manufacturer, can prevent the spread of HIV.

It would seem that there is nothing wrong with that, but here it’s worth dripping deeper. The fact is that these unnamed organizations in their advertisements claimed that due to various LGBT organizations, a completely new type of HIV infection appeared that only their drugs can fight. In these advertisements, not only was a whole stratum of society accused, it was also blamed for what does not actually exist. And according to the authoritative publication The Washington Post, a number of other really authoritative medical organizations conducted large-scale inspections, which revealed that there are simply no “new branches of HIV infection caused by the LGBT community”, and the drugs sold are practically empty.

This is an extremely unpleasant case, because today, in the age of information technology, it’s quite easy for you and I to sell everything to us and to blame anyone for all our sins. It’s not right that absolutely anyone can order ads on Facebook or on any other platform, and the University of Oregon Law School has already begun to develop a “new tool” that will only allow selling to honest people and organizations so that this does not happen again in the future.

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