Amazon Launches First Batch of New NIH Firewalls

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Amazon is actively helping the global community develop and release new protective masks and screens designed to protect against a new type of coronavirus. And today it became known that the responsible Amazon team, which is engaged in the development of such protective equipment, has released a new type of protective front screens with a new technical design – moreover, the company distributes all this for free and hopes to contribute to the settlement issue the availability of primary protective measures in the form of masks, gloves and similar face shields – this is what the team is doing at the current time.

As for the new front screens with a new technical design, in fact it is not much different from the standard one – the main innovation here is the mask mount, which now has a reinforced plastic alloy. In all other respects, the new NIH screens exactly repeat the functionality and features of any other masks. It became known that Amazon has released the first batch of 10 thousand copies on an absolutely free basis and has already sent them to various companies and affiliate programs – soon the team will release another 20 thousand front screens of this type, which will be the beginning of a truly massive help in the fight against a new type of coronavirus by Amazon.

It is worth noting the fact that previously the company’s specialists said that they intend to generally begin production of personal protective equipment under their own brand, but at this point in time the fate of this project is still not quite known Рit is assumed that after the completion of the preliminary stage the company will be able to better prepared for a small reprofiling of production.

Nevertheless, at the current moment of time, the new NIH screens of protective property are one way or another a long-awaited and very suitable replacement for many other front screens of a not so functional and effective type. So far, it remains to wait for the final stage, after which the company will launch the final moment of preparation for the release of even more screens.

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