Amazon gets FDA approval for its COVID-19 test

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Today it became known that the recently prepared and released home test for COVID-19 from Amazon received official approval for distribution within America thanks to specialists from the US Federal Food and Drug Administration – it is worth noting that the company itself has long been counted on such official support from the federal authorities. And today, official information has appeared that a new diagnostic test for home use called SafeWorkDx from Amazon can now be freely purchased by any user in the country.

It is worth noting that the widespread adoption of this kind of diagnostic tests and tools is something really interesting and unusual, so you can count on the fact that the national health system will at least partly breathe a sigh of calm – however, many different outcomes can be expected. Specifically, the SafeWorkDx test from Amazon, it is a relatively simple test based on the study of a user's saliva sample, which, after being passed to the main unit, is sent to medical specialists for examination, where all antibody tests and other aspects of checking for the presence of COVID-19 are passed. …

Given the fact that home tests continue to be actively replenished by many manufacturers, it becomes obvious that Amazon has enough reason to constantly work on improving and developing this test in the future, not to mention some parallel points.

Given the fact that you can always focus on the most interesting offers, it becomes clear that Amazon has every chance to present its users with even more unusual and interesting options for COVID-19 tests in the future. Moreover, we are talking about the possibility of using some additional configuration modules that can make the test functionality even more interesting and multifunctional, regardless of the use case.

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