Amazing results, or how cancer drugs are made in Belarus

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The main disadvantages of chemotherapy
Miracle gel Belarusian chemists
Life Exercising Medicines

The main disadvantages of chemotherapy

Cancer chemotherapy is a reliable and proven method of treatment. However, its implementation is guided by the principle: choose the lesser of 2 evils, and here's why.

Chemotherapeutic drugs for all their effectiveness have 2 main drawbacks:

exerting a toxic and destructive effect on malignant cells, they also damage healthy tissue cells, resulting in undesirable side effects – immunosuppression, anemia, hair loss, and so on, which require special medical correction;
are rapidly eliminated from the body, so it is difficult to create the desired concentration in the tumor, and repeated administration is necessary.

In this regard, new, safer technologies for the introduction of chemotherapy drugs are being developed – selective chemotherapy, intracavitary, regional, that is, local administration, directly into the tumor zone. However, they are partially absorbed into the bloodstream and have a toxic effect on the body. Young Belarusian biochemists have managed to create such forms of drugs that act only in the tumor zone, held by special gels and biological fibers. And they have already proven their effectiveness in practice in the treatment of various forms of cancer.

Fill out the contact form on the website and get detailed information about the possibility of such treatment at the Alexandrov Cancer Center.

Miracle gel Belarusian chemists

Biochemists from different countries, in collaboration with oncologists, are constantly working on finding such forms of chemotherapy drugs that would work for a long time on a cancer in the desired concentration and would not be absorbed into the blood. In Western clinics, similar preparations based on biological tissues, which are introduced into the tumor zone, are already being used.

new cancer drugYoung Belarusian scientists Sergey Solomevich and Denis Adamchik, who are research workers at the laboratory of the Research Institute of Physical and Chemical Problems of the Belarusian State University, went further than their foreign colleagues. After several years of searching and research, they managed to create a unique gel substance, the particles of which are able to hold the chemotherapeutic drug molecules in the tumor zone, preventing them from being absorbed into the blood. Several drugs have been developed – Temodeks, Prospidelong, Cisplatzel, which have already proven their effectiveness in laboratory experiments and in clinical use.

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One of the most insidious properties of cancer tumors is their ability to recur, that is, to resume their growth after surgical removal. According to statistics, 30% of all cancers result in relapses, worsening patient survival rates. Why is this happening? During oncologic surgery, in principle, one can never guarantee that there are no cancer cells left in the wound and in the location of the tumor. Even new technologies of microscopic control of operations do not provide an absolute guarantee, but only reduce the number of relapses by an average of 20-40%.

In this connection, adjuvant chemotherapy and postoperative radiotherapy are prescribed to destroy the remaining tumor cells. Of course, they play their invaluable role and are included in the comprehensive cancer treatment program. New gel preparations developed by Belarusian scientists are designed specifically for local exposure in order to destroy cancer cells and prevent relapse.


new cancer drugThe drug has already passed clinical trials, which showed that the life expectancy of cancer patients with its use increases by 1.5 times. Tests were conducted on patients after removal of a brain tumor. Temodex has the appearance of a transparent hydrogel, which was applied to the bed of the removed tumor and all the tissues that could contact with it, in the right dose, and left in the wound. The gel gradually resolves, freeing the molecules of the chemotherapy drug and maintaining the desired concentration.

The drug is approved, and will go into mass production in 2016. Another advantage is its low cost – up to $ 300, while its US counterpart Gliadel costs about $ 20,000. Moreover, Temodex will be paid only for foreign patients, and residents of Belarus will be treated free of charge at the expense of the state budget.


This drug has no analogues in the world, it is intended for the treatment of cancer of the esophagus, stomach and other organs of the abdominal cavity. It is a powder, which after dilution with sterile distilled water turns into a transparent gel. It is applied to the place of the removed tumor, the area of ​​sutures and ligatures, on the areas after removal of the lymph nodes.

The drug has successfully passed preclinical tests on laboratory animals and showed amazing results – a 100% cure for cancer without relapses. Currently Prospidelong is in the process of registration, after which it will begin clinical trials on patients. Its production and use in oncological practice is planned for 2017.


new cancer drugThe principle of the drug is similar, but the form is different. It has the appearance of a soft knitted napkin, which is also made from a bioresorbable gel combined with an anti-cancer drug. Denis Adamchik’s dissertation is devoted to cisplatzel, and the drug has already entered into cancer practice, increasing the life expectancy of patients by 50-60%, reducing the number of relapses by 40%. It is used in neurosurgical practice for the treatment of malignant tumors of the brain, as well as the head and neck.

The technology consists in laying out several tissues of tissue at the site of a removed tumor. The wipes gradually dissolve within 20-30 days, which means that all this time there is continuous local chemotherapy. The drug is available for purchase in the pharmacy chain, and costs 100 times less than its US counterpart.


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