Alzheimer's blood test has been improved.

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Diagnosis of various neurodegenerative diseases is a rather complicated matter – primarily because often the symptoms do not manifest themselves just before the crisis. However, once specialists in cognitive neuroscience from the University of Ruhr-Bochum in Germany presented a prototype of their unique and first-ever blood test for Alzheimer's syndrome before the first symptoms began to appear. But despite the high success rate in determining – up to 71% of potential patients – the test itself was not devoid of some of the inaccuracies and moments directly related to the definition of certain symptoms.

That is why all the same team of researchers decided to significantly improve the accuracy of their test, strengthening its technical part – today it became known that the team conducted additional tests of their blood test, supplemented by an additional test for tau proteins. These proteins are the most indicative and convincing biomarker for determining the symptoms of neurodegeneration, and not only among Alzheimer's syndrome, but also many similar brain diseases.

Thus, by mixing the first and second iterations of their diagnostic test, the scientists managed to develop a truly comprehensive and interesting test, which this time has increased the accuracy of neurodegeneration diagnosis to 87%, which is a really high result compared to the original one. At the same time, the team of researchers also managed to significantly reduce the number of positive-false results, which was often observed during the first phase and the iteration of such a test.

It is worth noting the fact that the blood test of this kind is the most interesting and promising for the reason that it is gradually becoming less invasive and more and more rapid in obtaining certain results. Thus, the team of German neuroscientists has really many chances to present an even more accurate diagnostic test to the world.

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