Aesthetic medicine – to help oncology

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Strange as it may seem, this is the abbreviated name of botulinum toxin. Yes, it is precisely that toxin that causes the most severe conditions in food poisoning – botulism.

Scientists have found that small doses of this toxin, injected under the skin, cause in it the enhanced formation of collagen – a dense elastic substance, and very effectively smoothes wrinkles for a while. Botox injections have become the most common procedure in aesthetic medicine clinics.

More recently, scientists in Norway discovered another healing property of Botox – the ability to influence cancer cells. Entered into the tumor zone, Botox blocks the innervation of the tumor and thereby stops its growth, or rather, paralyzes the stem tumor cells. Already today this fact can be used when developing a treatment plan abroad.

Experiments were conducted on animals suffering from stomach cancer, and they confirmed the high efficacy of the drug. Currently, a group of patients from oncological clinics in Israel and other countries is preparing for the first clinical experiment. In the near future, the arsenal of world oncology abroad will replenish another effective means of treating cancer.


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